We are Superheroes
By Lourds Lane and the kids from the Harlem Village Academy

We have power. We can fly.
With our dreams, we touch the sky.
We have superpowers
See the colors swirl
We are supeheroes
We can change the world

Lunch box created by Brooke Shields to auction for the
SuperYou FUNdation



Empowering youth through art...
SuperYou FUNdation


CHIX 6 is doing something no other Broadway show has done before--creating its own charitable organization, “SuperYou FUNdation," themed to the show. The purpose of this arts-based education program is for students to discover and get to know their inner superhero. Through writing, music, dance, and art exploration, students will be able to create a complete and visceral connection to their most empowered selves.

The SuperYou curriculum provides a unique, engaging, and inspiring experience to youth in which they identify their own ‘superpower’ and are inspired to discover a “way of being” that will best serve her/him in the real world. Youth will learn to call upon their inner superhero and personal strength in times of disempowerment to help overcome the obstacles they face.  In addition, the curriculum provides a way for children to tap into their own potential to make a real difference in other people’s lives and serve their communities or the world.  With your help, we plan to reach 100,000 youth by the end of 2014

True Leadership is empowering others to empower others!
Won’t you join us?  The Superhero is YOU!!

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